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First Army to such a dangerous place.” Me,” Edith said unabashedly. “What?” “You might have heard about the battle of God’s Will,” she said frankly, “When the fate-determining battle arrives on the spot, your Majesty will naturally not be able to take into account all aspects of the battle. He needs many officials to help him command the army. , And the army also needs people from the city hall to provide logistics and support. At that time, you will believe that an official who fought side by side with you is still a guy who sits in an office and deals with documents all day.” “” Brian looked surprised, and he was startled for a moment before he said, “You really dare to say this.” Of course Edith knew what he was referring to. Even a former patrol captain who was born and raised in the village could understand this. Meaning. To say it better is to assist in command, and to say that it is not to sound is to intervene in power and change to another lord. This is absolutely intolerable, especially that the knight under him must be controlled by himself. But now the number of the Second Army has exceeded 5,000. The knights’ approach is obviously too backward. In fact, the staff established by your Majesty is such an organization between the army and the city hall, and the ultimate power still belongs to him. The command below will only progress and spread. It is precisely that Roland is clear. Only when Wimbledon thought, Edith dared to say these words. She didn’t intend to join the staff, but just wanted to expand her influence as much as possible. “If I change to another king, of course I dare not, but Your Majesty Roland is different” she smiled. “You need to know that even the city hall officials need to go to the front line to participate in the battle before they are eligible for promotion. I proposed it, since it is in front of everyone. “Your Majesty said so, you have to set an example.” “Your Majesty agrees.” “No, I can only say that there is no objection.” “Uh, doesn’t that mean agreeing” Brian puzzled.