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llows. This is also one of the reasons why Roland established Daqing Port at Endless Cape: to provide supplies for steam ships on the route. As for crossing the sea line and entering the depths of the ocean, you have to burn oil. It is also the one with the lowest requirements for secondary treatment. It can be used almost after separation. It does not matter if it is mixed with asphalt residue. It is considered the least particular fuel in the petroleum family. Of course Roland will not tell Camer this in advance. He is not sure if he can do it before he has produced a finished product. If it is said that it is true, but it turns out that it is not the case, it will hurt his omniscience. Image. So he just shrugged, “All the oil, including the oil residues and debris remaining at the bottom, must be collected separately. I keep it for my own use.” “Yes, Your Majesty,” the chief alchemist stroked his chest. “That’s right,” Roland stopped when he walked to the door of the laboratory, turned around and said, “Let’s run a tutorial class.” “What?” Camer was stunned. “When the last agricultural conference was held, I didn’t mean to open an agronomy course in the secondary education curriculum, so that even if the Golden No. 2 is promoted to the whole country, there will be enough manpower to implement it.” Roland explained, “the same. The opening of a new factory also requires more familiarity with popular education. Many people who want to join the chemical industry after graduation, gather for training first, so as not to be in a hurry and cause accidents after entering the factory.” This approach is equivalent to taking the major after entering the university. The division of subjects starts early in the middle school. He has long considered that when there is no time to cultivate all-rounders, the training of professional workers should be carried out as soon as possible. “Your Majesty, shouldn’t Lord Shujuan be responsible for this?” “She is responsible for recruiting, sorting, assessing, and distributing salaries