to do it. Now I have been taught a lesson about being strong-if enough ants can kill an elephant, if thousands of drops of water can penetrate gold and stone. So even if a monster like Sand Spider is inferior, after crossing a certain number limit, it will produce a very difficult opponent in quality. How did you guard it before? What are you going to do now? Richard was manic. Although the sand spider’s shell is very fragile, its strength is not small. If it knocks on the armor, even if it can’t break the defense for a while, it will be upsetting. Senid’s chest rose and fell violently, and his heavy breathing seemed to be pulling a bellows: never before. by! With a fiercely swipe of his sword, Richard cut a sand spider neatly in half from the middle. Even the top fighters of Gaoshan Fort, it is impossible for everyone to have their lord’s ability to tie the blue dragon today with the steel sword in his hand. Going down at the current rate and killing all the sand spiders, I’m afraid it will really hit tomorrow morning. It would be great if the Ring of Sky and Thunder could still be used. It would not be appropriate to rely on that hand to control the Thunder and clean up these crappy monsters! But it’s a pity that the last time it was overused in Winter City, the ring directly entered a year-long cooling-off period, and now only two months have passed. Qiqiu! The little nigga Qiqiu jumped up on Richard’s shoulder. The black fur and flesh surging violently together! The bones spread rapidly to all directions like blowing air! The minions become sharp! Eyes began to congestion! It instantly turned into a black behemoth with wings and horns on its back, hovering in mid-air, flapping its wings and fanning waves of air, surging like a hurricane! According to Richard’s original plan, even though Qiqiu had not mastered the elemental power that could be used to clear the field after transforming, it was good enough as a melee unit, so that it just wanted to share the pressure. Unexpectedly, even though the