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fect was fully improved and a broken leg The hound has re-grown claws. This new discovery has brought dawn to the hero’s recovery. But subsequent experiments have found that it is not so easy. First, the treatment only works on the wound, and the hero’s broken leg has long been healed. If you want to recover, you must create a wound artificially. Secondly, even with the magic power of the broken sword, the treatment can only last for a few dozen breaths, which means that the recovery process is scored in several stages. Together, the two points are a formidable challenge for both the healer and the person being treated. One side has to suffer the pain of broken leg repeatedly, and the other side has to cut the healed section many times, and the treatment plan is in trouble at the beginning. Fortunately, Master Wendy noticed this problem, and then the entire Witch League took action. Broken Jian discovered for the first time that they called each other sisters not just in formal terms, but regarded each other as vital relatives in their hearts. Even if the four came from Wolf’s Heart, they had just joined Neverwinter, they did not stingy with their concerns. Ms. Ye Zi used a special plant called Sleeping Fern to cultivate herbal medicine that can make people unconscious. After taking it, she will be drowsy for several hours, eliminating the pain the hero has to suffer. Miss Anna is responsible for the cutting. Under the sharp black fire, the flat new cut can be completed in an instant. Miss Nanawa only needs to focus on her ability. Finally, Speer. Master Passy, ??as the lord of a city, she didn’t return to Chuanlongling immediately after the meeting, because of the broken sword. The previous several treatments can be described as cautious. Since each time only restores half the length of the finger, Miss Nanawa’s magic power will be exhausted. Once the ability disappears, the unhealed limb will become a fatal wound, so it is effective. Extremely slow. It is with the help of the Marquis of Speer that the last few