God’s Punishment should be

s?” “Because I am an explorer! “The little girl touched her nose, “When the First Army is training and testing new weapons, I will basically go to the scene to watch.” “So should we bury these things at the end of the hole and explode a way to escape, or While carrying Fran to retreat while throwing explosives backwards?” Elena pondered, “If it can replace us to block the enemy’s pursuit, ten witches of God’s Punishment should be able to carry Fran.” “Leave me here. “It’s okay” “Don’t say it!” Elena interrupted, “Although we are not afraid of sacrifice, we will not give up our partners at will. Don’t forget the teachings of Master Eleanor.” “Every witch is equally important. “The rest of the survivors nodded. “But neither of these two methods will work,” Lightning murmured, “If it is placed at the entrance of the cave, even if only a pack of explosives is ignited in such a small space, it is enough to tear us into pieces; it can be replaced by an empty hole, its power It’s a lot smaller . The little girl glanced at the shovel and shovel on the ground. “This is probably a tool used by the First Army to blow up caves or block passages. It is not a real weapon. It is estimated that flames and air currents alone can kill ten. Evil beast within step range. Everyone couldn’t help being silent. If they were dealing with ordinary beasts, the sound of the explosion could scare them away, but the evil beast group was obviously summoned by the dome monster and didn’t kill them all at once. They probably won’t retreat easily. “Perhaps there is another way,” Nightingale suddenly said, “That is to kill the enemy leader. “You mean the monster hanging on the ceiling of the cave?” “Elena frowned, “We can’t fly. “It’s too dangerous to fly!” Agatha said before the lightning took the word, “This is not a wall defense battle. It is not uncommon for someone behind to support mixed-species evil beasts with flying species. The speed and altitude will be severe if the lightning is carrying heavy objects. Down, once besieged by the enemy,