e to the three seats of the Federa

Farty and the others who were waiting here immediately stood up straight, pressed their hands on their chests, and gave him high The rituals of the rank promoted are meticulous, and they are completely different from those who have recovered their true bodies in the dream world. Since taking them to visit the dreamland, these god punishment witches completely regarded him as a figure comparable to the three seats of the Federation. Although they still use the term mortal when talking about other people, they obviously did not include him. This can be clearly felt from the etiquette and attitude. Roland once told them not to care too much about these formal things, but the gods punish the witches agreed, and the salute was still the same as before, and it was more serious than the guards. After coming down several times, he just let them go. Entering the meeting room, Pasha was already waiting across the light curtain. “First of all I have to express my sincere gratitude to you,” she bent down and said, “Whether it is the exploration of the ruins these days, or allowing the gods to punish the witch to retrieve her The feeling that we have lost, your help is of great significance to Taqila. “In the face of the upcoming battle of Divine Will, this is also a kind of self-help,” Roland responded with a smile, “By the way, have you figured out how to recover the carrier in the ruins?” “There are only two ways to directly use the carrier. Move it back, or transport the soul instrument over,” she paused, “I prefer the latter.” After the magic core is closed, it is no different from a dry skeleton. It is not difficult to transport it by a cement ship, but the carrier is not good. Even the unactivated sarcomas and worms are far beyond the acceptance range of ordinary people. The basic education of Neverwinter City is not enough to allow the people to accept these hell-like monsters. Roland also prefers the second approach in principle, but there are also problems with transporting the instrument. “Then have you chosen a wi