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hey became the Devouring Worm, they still maintained the same energy as a human being. This alone surpassed many people. Now it seems that the Federation can become a powerful force to unify the continent. It is not without reason to remove the ability. They still have many commendable places. “The three worm carriers are not too many. If the Immortal Mountain Range is to be used as a defensive barrier,” Roland looked at Pasha, “Let them all wake up, the new project will not be long. It will start, and there are many places in Neverwinter City that need to be rebuilt. Don’t worry about food, the city hall will provide it with all its strength. “Really? Jasmine said excitedly. No one likes to sleep all the time, especially for the Taqila Witch, they have slept too long. “As long as it’s not eating meat all the time. “He spread his hands, “According to Fran’s way of eating, it’s the appetite of a hundred people.” “Since you have a plan, they will leave it to you.” Pasha seemed to have expected him to say that, and replied with a smile. After seeing Jasmine and Laila, Roland’s mood was inexplicably lightened. He returned to the castle and the First Army also sent new news. The snow mountain blasting operation was very successful. The channel through which the underground river flows into the sea has been completely destroyed. The rising water surface is expected to continue to flow westward after engulfing the remains. Except for a musket camp that continued to stay at the snow-capped mountains and watch the diversion of the water flow, the rest of the soldiers Bing will return to Neverwinter City in a few days. This was not beyond his expectation. After the Taqila Witch had searched the underground ruins and obtained the Devouring Worm, the exploration operation came to an end. In this way, the entire Western Territory has no worries for the time being. But when he opened the other letter, he couldn’t help but hum. This letter came from the North, but it was not delivered by a flying messenger. Instead, the garriso