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s. The orcs collect magic herbs from the mountains in Xinliu Valley, and then the village prepares hemostatic ointment and applies them to the linen bandages. The effect of these hemostatic bandages on the battlefield is sometimes far better than those 西安夜网论坛 low-level healing potions. The healing potions come from the potions guild in the […]
u are asked to choose your own method of death, do you choose to be frozen to death or roasted to death?” Su Ming pushed the frozen door, and the sound of frost cracking cracked under the half-open door. The ground rang into one, and he walked in the forefront, talking nonsense with the green […]
in the distance. The screams of these giant spiders 西安桑拿网 in the dense forest came up and down, and the spider warriors were heard in the distance. With an angry low roar, I knew it would not be long before the spiderman army would come back. In the constant urging of Justus, the barbarian slaves […]
oonblade axe in the spiderman warrior’s hands, and pierced deeply into the spiderman warrior’s chest, while some pierced through the gap between the spider warriors in the front row. In the body of the spider warrior in the back row, some giant crossbow arrows will also be chopped into two by the 西安夜网论坛 spider warrior […]
ted into kobolds, murlocs, jackals, and crows. Humans are sub-racial creatures, they only have elementary wisdom and can remember the simplest sentences. However, in the underground caves of Xinliu Valley, some Hextech design drawings have been accidentally preserved. These drawings are pasted on the inner walls of some treasure chests. The treasure chests are filled […]
at the three wooden boxes sent by the helicopter that still contained asphalt. The first small box contained two extremely rough gold ingots. The two gold ingots did not have any markings. The high-pressure water gun has been cleaned to show that you can even see the gold jewelry and even the gold that has […]
is efficiency is even lower. But the salted fish who was in charge of guarding them didn’t care at all. Anyway, as long as they don’t run out of this birch forest, they can stand still. Compared to the laziness here, everyone outside the forest is full of energy. As the digging arms flew up […]
ther, the twin brothers were almost identical in appearance and looked much handsomer, with blue eyes and black hair. Even his nose with a 西安夜生活论坛 tall sideburn and his skin lightened a lot. He was completely an Arab who had been exposed to the sun for too long. The only difference between them is that […]
sboard due to the penalty of the roulette, all now the pitching speed of each round has accelerated unconsciously, and he has entered the tenth round of pitching. It was the turn of Mr. Snape’s partner, the 西安桑拿网 Black Dog, to start casting points, the number of points: 6. At this moment, Mr. Snape’s card, […]
for control. The emperor of the underwater city is probably the most terrifying person I have ever met in my life.” “That’s right.” Boss Luo nodded. nod. Master Karen was taken aback, and said, “What’s right?” Luo Qiu did not speak, and raised his head, “Mr. Kukai is back.” Sure enough, Kukai was swinging his […]