the leather armor made of dragon skin is very light and agile and its defense is comparable to heavy plate armor. However, such good treasures are often hidden in the private warehouses of great nobles, and it is difficult to buy them with money. Richard is obviously very resistant now, but his actions are not very delayed. It can be said to only take advantage and not lose, but it is really the style of his own lord. You really found a treasure. Annie sighed with emotion. Yes. Melissa nodded. The eyes of this elven mistress were very precise, not to mention the flying ability that Moonlight Stage could master, only the two effects of’magnetism’ and’body like iron’, combined with Richard’s natural supernatural power, Think of it as a monster. Can’t say that. Lord Lord himself was very calm. My original strengths were further strengthened, but the shortcomings were not compensated. What is your shortcoming? Annie asked. Lack of long-range means, lack of rapid mobility, and more importantly, lack of group injury capabilities. Richard shook his head. Even the most indiscriminate opponents, I can only hit them with one punch and one sword. It’s not efficient at all. Richard felt depressed when he thought of this. Last time in the New World with Tiger Spirit, he had a long sword in his hand when he was shrouded in the new world with a long sword. The cold light was shining and no one could beat it. What a wonderful performance! Anyone who is seen with a slight eye has to come up and hold their thighs to apprentice. In the end, it was regarded as a gain, and it was not as good as the few witchcraft scrolls that Nehru threw, so that the lord did not spit out a mouthful of old blood. Come on. Buckland, the old white tiger, sneered at this. Everything is OK and often sloppy. In this world, strengthening the strengths is more important than making up for the shortcomings. Seeing Richard’s face still disapproving, he said earnestly: Richard, when you are a lord, you have to learn to divide your work. You are th